Thursday, October 09, 2008


Aint this image the truth,
you betcha! 
Sarah Palin truly is an Idiot and believes
dinosaurs and humans coexisted in the past. John McCain has agood chance of dieing in office, if this happens a retard becomes presidents who has terrible crudentials and most of the things she says are false and lies, like the "i can see russia" quote, and all that other bullshit, its endless. I don't love Obama he is just the best canditate we have and we gotta face it, he is better than McCain.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Alien Arena Mirror,

I noticed demonoid didn't have an Alien Arena 2008 torrent, so i decided to do everyone there a favor and uploid a torrent for them.

Aliena Arena is a great game, that you can spend quite alot of time on it. once you understand whats items are armor, or ammo, and once you start pwning its a pretty fun game.

And not alot of the people on the game or hardcore player, due to the fact not a whole alot of people play the games, this means being a newbie on this game, doesn't really mean anything.  Its friendly to learn this game, and get good.

linux version is available

single player and multiplayer w/ 6 game modes