Sunday, July 27, 2008

desolation wilderness

I just went on a backpacking trip to desolation wilderness

Thursday, July 17, 2008

can't even begin

holy fucking shit, shit is going down right now. if i see one of those 14 kids and if anyone says anything that isn't possitive im fucking coming swinging i just dont give a fuck anymore, seriously whats going to happen? the worst? who cares?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

They try to convert you at all ages

I always grew up playing withe the other kids, since the school would always make the kids who sat down and kept to themselves, they would get school counseling. just the idea of discussing all my thoughts with someone, but i most hated how they would have their own personal thoughts and feedback. if i felt this way they would say doing this would make it better? this doesn't work. how can my feeling or thoughts be right or wrong? better or worse? I looked at counseling not as emotional healing. but having your emotions and thoughts up to society standards. i didn't understand, it looks to me that its a system to get everyone thinking alike. which is always terrible

Friday, July 11, 2008

Heaven and Hell

On this blog, I wanted to touch down on some misconceptions about death, I go much deeper in the book i'm currently writing. But I just wanted to say that after you die that is the end, nothing happens, and you have no recalation that nothing is happening either. But it is known that once you die your brain does release a chemical that slows down time. We have no idea how long this chemical makes your final moments last. But lets say that it can be a long time, and since its your brain you might have control, or intial control, of your final environment. I would see this moment as the one where your life flashes before you recal your past.

Well with that cleared up i'm going to say what I was trying to say. The other day me and friends were discussing the many different faiths, but mainly the many different faith's planes of existence in the afterlife. It dawned on me that the Christian faith was the harshest, other religions modern and ancient usually all have one bad place and good ones, but usually many good ones and neutral ones too. But I dont see it as the Christian faith being the harhest to follow. I see the United Christian Empire of America, instituteing, and always reminding heaven, but mainly Hell, as a step everyone is going to take. I think Christianity is being used as propaganda by America to control citizens to a degree in how they think.

I believe as in paragraph one, that you have your final lengthy moment, that is directly influenced by how your life went in your eyes, so i think if you believe you were a terrible person who did alot of bad things, you may manifest your own hell. America wants you to follow this path, if your a dedicated christian and you know you sin, then your going to hell right? This is what THEY want you to manifest in your final moment induced by chemicals in your brain. So free your mind, and when you die don't be scared, just think.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Moki Snap

I rollled to my homies house nigga D
when i arrived
i realized
the only one with bud
....was me
man i said this ain righ(t)
we all need to get hgih
then i said we can snap
of couse theyre down
peter even handed me the brown
our future was safe and sound

I snap moki's everyday
wanna be a pussroll
that pile into a J
F**K that zorbing is hte only way.

First things first
I grabbed the shorrty
took out my bomb
damn these feigners where on me
threw the bud in
then the mok
put too much in
i though i would choke
but nah thats how we roll
infact peter was stoked
the pile was trullly moked
since the ratio
was in favor of tabacco
i said hand me the stem
and this was the beggingin of the end

I packed my bowl
to the dome of course
took the snapper
i was ready to weep
lit that whole bowl in one smooth sweep
had to suck slow
for i was bracing to inhale deep
since i knew after this snap
i would be somewher semi-sweet
but when the time was right
the cherry was nice and bright
is when i began to snap with might
it all went threw like nathan
i was suprised since that snap was reall something
handed off the bong
for i was on one
zorbing like other
hands on my head
i was taking cover
droool drool droool
when is it over

For those who dont know what mokeys are you may want to invest in watching these key youtube videos

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

multi layered thoughts took over

I walked on my Mountain
Familiar all around
The trees are blowing
up in the red sky
this thought im thankful for
really isn't mine
but belongs to a friendly fungi

I walked to my spot
defined by the sea
hundreds of ants
toook over me
these thing i believe I
I need to run fast
to escape the impending
disaster, i mastered
all because this trip in my mind