Wednesday, January 28, 2009

you see a stimulus plan to fix everything

the stimulus plan is supposed to keep us from entering a depression, when in fact when we do enter this depression, everything will be hyper inflated.

you see a stimulus plan to fix everything

i see an impending depression,

get ready for survival of the fittest.

Friday, January 23, 2009

US approves 1st stem cell study for spinal injury

Wow! wasn't this supposed to happen like fucking eight years ago right? No one notices it, with all the fancy disstractions, but the last few years haven't been great, times have been changing to breed weak minded fools. Let's face it Obama is the best we got. let's hope shit's different

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

if we accepted communism we would be more successsful

We should of accepted Communism in the US During the 1920s and 1930s, the USA was in a bad spot due to the great deppresions. So they where a rise of communist in the United Stated, until in the 1950s, when this good idea was prosecuted, by Joe MacCarthy, when we should of instead accepted this idea of communisn. if we accepted this good idea, and abondonnned our selfish views on property, and if we left behind our willingness to step all over our friends just to get ahead, if that kindness, and fairness ever crossed our minds, and if we accepted communism we would be more successsful, than we already are. But virtually everyone is too conservative.

When most people think of Communist, instantly what pops up in the rise of the Soviet Union, but mainly th fall of the Soviet Union and the failure of the communist system there, that statement is actually false. It wasnt communism that failed but the leadership that failed. The fall of the Soviet Union should not be used as an example of what communisn can do. because there can be a democratic communist goverment too.(chodorov) Communism is doing bad in vietman, right? isn't that why we went to go save them. that is actually false too. Yes we did go to "save them", but remember how we lost and had to leave, but wait since we didn't save them did they all starve and struggel. They actually went on to live fine with our liberation, though vietman is showing reforms now, and is becoming less and less communist.

When everyone was scared of communism when they should of been embracing it, this was the red scare, and is one of the biggest missed oppurtunities in United States history.(spartacus) America had alot to benefit from converting to communism. in the 1920s when the Red Scare was in effect. from an economic point of view communism makes alot of sense, since it would provide work and get everything moving again just like it should be.(spartacus) There isn't one sets system for how communism works, it can be modified and changed to fit cetain needs and scenarios. We currently have many forms of democratic goverments. The original being a direct republic in ancient Athens Greece. So why can't we move and progress with communism to really let it have its full potential its deserves.(/chodorov)

Denying ones view to be a communist, is un constitutional, and to prosecuted that right is even worse. I can never see this country becoming communist, which is sad. The Marxist system for goverment, can work. It may be difficult with larger countries, and we have some bad famous example of failures of communism, these examples seem to be the only ones people know. But the main factor is that we aren't really poor enough in this country to be willing to give up our property to make this equal, so if we started thinking like a team instead of about our selves all the time we can succeed.

Monday, January 12, 2009




The Cruel Catholic Church

In Medieval Europe, many people have been punished, many have been harmed, and many have been killed. And their prosecutor was someone known for loving and introducing the golden rule, their prosecutor was the Catholic Church. The Church has done a lot of good but many don’t realize they also have a vicious history of wrongfully murdering people with different religious beliefs; they would also slay enlightened people, whose knowledge contradicts the church, usually the ones the church kills where correct, only if they had the technology back then. This left Europe in a fear to strictly obey the church, or else. The Catholic Church has a darker sinister side that is unforgiving to those that oppose, and in medieval Europe, if you thought differently you would most likely regret it.

Heretics where one who opposed the teaching of the Catholic Church, the punishment for being a heretic was very harsh, it could even result in death. Like in the case of Galileo, he was correct with his theory of the solar system being heliocentric and not geocentric (the earth revolves around the sun, not the sun revolving around the earth), but since his theories contradict the church he was punished. (Starchild)It all started when Galileo started to study the tides, at first his theories are incorrect and posed no threat to the Catholic Church. But his conflict mainly starts in January of 1616 has new theories of the tides, that are in fact correct, and prove that the earth moves(, which opposed the church, since in the bible it states that "[the LORD] set the earth on its foundations; it can never be moved."(wiki/Galileo), Galileo is warned by Pope Paul V not to support Copernicus, Copernicus was before Galileo and was the founder of the theory of a heliocentric solar system, and claimed the earth spun on it’s axis. In 1624 Galileo had a hearing with Pope Urban VIII and other Cardinals, They allow him to discuss the Copernican theory, in his writings, but it can only be a hypothesis, nothing more. But Actually later on Pope Urban VIII allowed Galileo to write a book but it had to have views for and against heliocentric, and couldn't favor heliocentric. This book was known as Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems. But when it was published Galileo didn't obey the Pope and used his book to express his theories on a heliocentric solar system, this outrage the pope and Galileo was called to Rome. This time he was on trial for Heresy. And this time he was imprisoned, but because of his old age and condition, he was later sentenced to house arrest. Galileo was also forced to take back his heliocentric theories, and Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, was banned. Also all of Galileo's future publications where banned, but this was not enforced. (wiki/Galileo) After all the Conflict in Galileo's life he got the last laugh, since he last words before he died where” But it does move!" (Referring to the earth). Galileo's life is an example and how the church put struggles on people's life in medieval time; because they believed the all powerful church was all ways right.

The Crusades were military campaigns called by the Pope to reclaim the holy land (Jerusalem) in the name of Christendom. The crusades are seen as very heroic. But usually after a city was captured. The Christians would massacre the Muslims in the city (this actually happened on both sides), and the crusades actually proved to be un-heroic. And after the first crusade back home in Europe mobs where actually forming and they would massacre the Jews in the town. Some Christians made attempts at protecting Jews in Church's, but the mobs would break in anyway and kill the Jews. (Weren’t they killing the Jews in the name of Christendom? so they still kill them when Priest and Bishops of the Catholic Church are protecting the Jews? ironic.). The Crusades where very popular in Europe, but back in the holy land the fighting was back and forth. When a Crusading Army would capture a city in the "Levant"(Area described for the holy land and part of modern day Iraq) it would usually soon be captured back by Muslims. Then the Pope would call another campaign, capture the city, exterminate the residents, and so on, and so on. (/wiki/Crusades) And exterminating the residents isn't an exaggeration it’s the truth, often every inhabitant was killed, despite age.
"It was a just and marvelous judgment of God, that this place [the temple of Solomon] should be filled with the blood of the unbelievers." St. Bernard announced before the Second Crusade that "The Christian glories in the death of a pagan, because thereby Christ himself is glorified." -Chronicler Raymond of Aguilers. ( so the Crusade may be seen as a wonderful campaign to get the land back in the hands of the greedy Catholic Church, when actually many Innocent woman and children who weren't soldiers where slaughtered for no reason.

The Moors first invaded and settled in the Iberian Peninsula in 710 A.D. They (mainly Muslims) lived peacefully with Jews and Catholics for a few hundred years. The Spanish Inquisition was established in 1490 by King Ferdinand it was first installed to battle heresy, but soon turned to deal with the conversos(most said they converted, even thought they were practicing their old religion) Leading up to the Inquisition, in 1391 Ferrant Martinez began preaching anti-Jewish beliefs, Resulting in Seville hundreds of Jews where killed. Jews actually began converting to Christianity to avoid the fate of the Jews in Seville, This is when they become known as conversos, they do this so they can hide, but many conversos are caught for faking converting to be Catholics and are put on trial. Jews who stayed Jews also get in trouble for practicing Judaism with conversos. In 1492 the last Islamic foothold in Spain was Granada, but this was finally captured by Spain and all Jews and moors where expelled from Spain. About 160,000 Jews where deported. The Moors where finally driven out by 1492 ( So now the problem was the Jew and the Conversos. Censorship was also used during the inquisition to help reform. Many books where banned. Jews weren't the only ones faking conversion moors also did it too, Moriscos. So many Moriscos where deported too, just like the conversos. Many conversos and moriscoc shared the same fate. At the end of the whole inquisition, about 50,000 trials where registered from 1560–1700. There where also cases of witches, but that wasn't much of a big deal compared to Germany, who burned about 100,000 witches at the stake. (wiki/Spanish_Inquisition) all this expelling and prosecuting was done because the different peoples did not agree with the teaching of the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church had no room for opposition. If you believed the earth spun on its axis, and orbited the sun, you could have a horrible fate. Many scientist besides Galileo where tried for heresy, scientist even made secret cults where they can meet and discuss their finding without being prosecuted. Also it’s amazing that the Catholic Church is powerful enough to motivate armies to conquer distant lands, and rape and massacre the people that live there because they have different beliefs, they did all of this in the name of Christendom. The Church would even Support king to deport everyone who wasn't catholic or wasn't willing to convert out of the entire Iberian peninsula. The Church may have change, but at one time they could of would have been greatly feared by the many peasants and Europe and the Muslims in Spain or the holy land, and the Church was a forced to be reckoned with.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ignorance in the Western world.

I find this article quit interesting and factual. It just show how capitalism is destroying our people in a different way that of a monarch would. You may say it's all about money, its more than that, it's proving that they have total control, while everyone is oblivious to it,

The age of the American Empire,
The age of ignorance

here is the article.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Virus are a scam to buy software -Jim Profit

The idea that malevolent addware is just floating across the net to attach to your computer's memory is ridiculous. Anyone with a virus wouldn't just let their work float around aimlessly. They'd use it to specify a target. I would..

Thus, viruses, addware, spyware, all this shit exists to ruin your computer on purpose. So you have to go get it fixed, so you have to get protective software, so you have to get a new computer that promises to be faster and less susceptible to cyber attacks..

It's all a scam. Rogue companies do the dirty work of big corporations like Microsoft. Just like mercenaries are hired to do jobs the government doesn't want to get blamed for, these small, faceless companies, design malevolent software so you buy the anti-virus bull crap from someone else. They're all in bed with each other..


-Jim Profit

1984 has been achieved subliminally, -Jim Profit

Successful conspiracies are ones that have integrated into society, and even if they knew, either wouldn't care, or would be too afraid to change. The most successful conspiracies are done and over with, and the people have come to accept.

For example. The holidays are a fucking conspiracy, and that's why I would abolish them nationally. Do you think it's any coincidence that all the holidays seem to bump heads with each other?

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

How much are you going to gorge yourself between high carbs, baked goods, candy, and other shit junk food in between these times?

Then come new years, everyone makes the same God-damn resolution.. to lose weight..

And that's how they get you. The diet programs/pills do work. But just work good enough so you're not a five hundred pound freak. Then the cycle continues, and you get fat again, lose weight, get fat again, lose weight.


-Jim Profit

"Have you ever noticed" -Anonymous poster /x/

That hauntings and demonic shit never happen to niggers and spics?


Because they don't put up with that shit.

Ghost: I'm going to cutoff their electricity! *Kicks the circut breaker*
Black guy: Oh Lawdy! I must've forgotten to pay my electric bill again!
Ghost: Grumble! *It's not very effective..*

Ghost: I'm going to make this wetback levitate toward the ceiling!
Hispanic Guy: Oh man essay'! I'm so high right now! I knew I shouldn't have mixed weed with cough syrup!
Ghost: Gahh! *Lurk moar ghostfag*

Ghost: I'm going to haunt this crazy white bitch.
Ghost: Succesful troll is succesful!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

जनुअरी २०, २००९ चंगे हस काम तो अमेरिका

The day that everyone fears, the day that everyone fights, no free homo-sapien wants to experience this day. Why yes this is true. But who says you where ever free, the process has begun. Though the embodiment of this "day" is not a sequence but इन-fact January 20. You are but another one in the endless columns arranged 150m by 150m, you are the brainwashed apes who believe in "change". You are the ones who believe it can only get better. You are the ones who where eager to leave behind what you perceived to be the worst president we have ever witnessed. All of whom I speak, fall under the category that are oblivious to the fact that the worst employs the facade of being the best. He will say what you want to hear, he will act as he does not know. But some do know, our time has passed, we failed, nothing now could be done.

welcome to the eternal grave,
January 20, 2009 inauguration डे