Thursday, January 08, 2009

1984 has been achieved subliminally, -Jim Profit

Successful conspiracies are ones that have integrated into society, and even if they knew, either wouldn't care, or would be too afraid to change. The most successful conspiracies are done and over with, and the people have come to accept.

For example. The holidays are a fucking conspiracy, and that's why I would abolish them nationally. Do you think it's any coincidence that all the holidays seem to bump heads with each other?

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

How much are you going to gorge yourself between high carbs, baked goods, candy, and other shit junk food in between these times?

Then come new years, everyone makes the same God-damn resolution.. to lose weight..

And that's how they get you. The diet programs/pills do work. But just work good enough so you're not a five hundred pound freak. Then the cycle continues, and you get fat again, lose weight, get fat again, lose weight.


-Jim Profit

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