Thursday, January 08, 2009

Virus are a scam to buy software -Jim Profit

The idea that malevolent addware is just floating across the net to attach to your computer's memory is ridiculous. Anyone with a virus wouldn't just let their work float around aimlessly. They'd use it to specify a target. I would..

Thus, viruses, addware, spyware, all this shit exists to ruin your computer on purpose. So you have to go get it fixed, so you have to get protective software, so you have to get a new computer that promises to be faster and less susceptible to cyber attacks..

It's all a scam. Rogue companies do the dirty work of big corporations like Microsoft. Just like mercenaries are hired to do jobs the government doesn't want to get blamed for, these small, faceless companies, design malevolent software so you buy the anti-virus bull crap from someone else. They're all in bed with each other..


-Jim Profit

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