Wednesday, January 07, 2009

जनुअरी २०, २००९ चंगे हस काम तो अमेरिका

The day that everyone fears, the day that everyone fights, no free homo-sapien wants to experience this day. Why yes this is true. But who says you where ever free, the process has begun. Though the embodiment of this "day" is not a sequence but इन-fact January 20. You are but another one in the endless columns arranged 150m by 150m, you are the brainwashed apes who believe in "change". You are the ones who believe it can only get better. You are the ones who where eager to leave behind what you perceived to be the worst president we have ever witnessed. All of whom I speak, fall under the category that are oblivious to the fact that the worst employs the facade of being the best. He will say what you want to hear, he will act as he does not know. But some do know, our time has passed, we failed, nothing now could be done.

welcome to the eternal grave,
January 20, 2009 inauguration डे

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