Friday, January 16, 2009

if we accepted communism we would be more successsful

We should of accepted Communism in the US During the 1920s and 1930s, the USA was in a bad spot due to the great deppresions. So they where a rise of communist in the United Stated, until in the 1950s, when this good idea was prosecuted, by Joe MacCarthy, when we should of instead accepted this idea of communisn. if we accepted this good idea, and abondonnned our selfish views on property, and if we left behind our willingness to step all over our friends just to get ahead, if that kindness, and fairness ever crossed our minds, and if we accepted communism we would be more successsful, than we already are. But virtually everyone is too conservative.

When most people think of Communist, instantly what pops up in the rise of the Soviet Union, but mainly th fall of the Soviet Union and the failure of the communist system there, that statement is actually false. It wasnt communism that failed but the leadership that failed. The fall of the Soviet Union should not be used as an example of what communisn can do. because there can be a democratic communist goverment too.(chodorov) Communism is doing bad in vietman, right? isn't that why we went to go save them. that is actually false too. Yes we did go to "save them", but remember how we lost and had to leave, but wait since we didn't save them did they all starve and struggel. They actually went on to live fine with our liberation, though vietman is showing reforms now, and is becoming less and less communist.

When everyone was scared of communism when they should of been embracing it, this was the red scare, and is one of the biggest missed oppurtunities in United States history.(spartacus) America had alot to benefit from converting to communism. in the 1920s when the Red Scare was in effect. from an economic point of view communism makes alot of sense, since it would provide work and get everything moving again just like it should be.(spartacus) There isn't one sets system for how communism works, it can be modified and changed to fit cetain needs and scenarios. We currently have many forms of democratic goverments. The original being a direct republic in ancient Athens Greece. So why can't we move and progress with communism to really let it have its full potential its deserves.(/chodorov)

Denying ones view to be a communist, is un constitutional, and to prosecuted that right is even worse. I can never see this country becoming communist, which is sad. The Marxist system for goverment, can work. It may be difficult with larger countries, and we have some bad famous example of failures of communism, these examples seem to be the only ones people know. But the main factor is that we aren't really poor enough in this country to be willing to give up our property to make this equal, so if we started thinking like a team instead of about our selves all the time we can succeed.

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