Friday, July 11, 2008

Heaven and Hell

On this blog, I wanted to touch down on some misconceptions about death, I go much deeper in the book i'm currently writing. But I just wanted to say that after you die that is the end, nothing happens, and you have no recalation that nothing is happening either. But it is known that once you die your brain does release a chemical that slows down time. We have no idea how long this chemical makes your final moments last. But lets say that it can be a long time, and since its your brain you might have control, or intial control, of your final environment. I would see this moment as the one where your life flashes before you recal your past.

Well with that cleared up i'm going to say what I was trying to say. The other day me and friends were discussing the many different faiths, but mainly the many different faith's planes of existence in the afterlife. It dawned on me that the Christian faith was the harshest, other religions modern and ancient usually all have one bad place and good ones, but usually many good ones and neutral ones too. But I dont see it as the Christian faith being the harhest to follow. I see the United Christian Empire of America, instituteing, and always reminding heaven, but mainly Hell, as a step everyone is going to take. I think Christianity is being used as propaganda by America to control citizens to a degree in how they think.

I believe as in paragraph one, that you have your final lengthy moment, that is directly influenced by how your life went in your eyes, so i think if you believe you were a terrible person who did alot of bad things, you may manifest your own hell. America wants you to follow this path, if your a dedicated christian and you know you sin, then your going to hell right? This is what THEY want you to manifest in your final moment induced by chemicals in your brain. So free your mind, and when you die don't be scared, just think.

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