Thursday, July 10, 2008

Moki Snap

I rollled to my homies house nigga D
when i arrived
i realized
the only one with bud
....was me
man i said this ain righ(t)
we all need to get hgih
then i said we can snap
of couse theyre down
peter even handed me the brown
our future was safe and sound

I snap moki's everyday
wanna be a pussroll
that pile into a J
F**K that zorbing is hte only way.

First things first
I grabbed the shorrty
took out my bomb
damn these feigners where on me
threw the bud in
then the mok
put too much in
i though i would choke
but nah thats how we roll
infact peter was stoked
the pile was trullly moked
since the ratio
was in favor of tabacco
i said hand me the stem
and this was the beggingin of the end

I packed my bowl
to the dome of course
took the snapper
i was ready to weep
lit that whole bowl in one smooth sweep
had to suck slow
for i was bracing to inhale deep
since i knew after this snap
i would be somewher semi-sweet
but when the time was right
the cherry was nice and bright
is when i began to snap with might
it all went threw like nathan
i was suprised since that snap was reall something
handed off the bong
for i was on one
zorbing like other
hands on my head
i was taking cover
droool drool droool
when is it over

For those who dont know what mokeys are you may want to invest in watching these key youtube videos

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